You know you’re a geek when…

There are many articles around the web about what geeks are, what they look like, how to deal with them, and my favorites: how to date a geek and how to live with a geek.
These articles are pretty caricatural, but yesterday I couldn’t help but laugh when reading the list made and admitting that a part of it can be applied to me.
So I know I’m a geek because:
  • I know the square root of 65536 is 256 without having to do the math.
  • I e-mail myself notes rather than writing them…
  • …and I can justify the advantages of doing so…
  • … and I often reply to the note.
  • I’ve already written a useless program just for the “fun” of it.
  • and at last but not least, I can program in more languages than I can speak. 

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