[display:table] How to display a column according to another column value

I was using <display:table> tag for a client list, and needed to start each row with a picture depending on the client status. This was implemented by creating a status table in my database, containing le status ID, label and picture to be dislayed.

<display:table name=”clients” uid=”client” sort=”list” partialList=”false” size=”${size}” pagesize=”5″ requestURI=”” export=”false” id=”idTable”>
<display:column title=”” media=”html” headerClass=”empty”>
<a href=”${idTable.status.href}?id=${idTable.id}“>
<img title=”${idTable.status.title}” src=”${idTable.status.file}“/>
<display:column title=”Id” property=”id” sortable=”true”/>
<display:column title=”Client name” property=”name” sortable=”true”/>
<display:column title=”status” property=”status.label” sortable=”true”/>

Here is the thread I opened on a French programming forum: http://www.developpez.net/forums/d1126540/java/developpement-web-java/frameworks/struts/struts-2/display-tag-afficher-colonne-fonction-colonne/


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