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Internet Explorer Compatibility View

Internet Explorer is not always friendly with Dojo objects, and may not be completely loaded (some Dijit buttons will appears, but the content panes won’t show up).

If you are using IE 8 or 9, check if it’s using the Compatibility View:

Compatibility View OFF:

Compatibility View ON:


[iReport] Could not initialize class ValueStackDataSource

  • Exception : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.apache.struts2.views.jasperreports.ValueStackDataSource
  • Solution: Copy struts2-jasperreports-plugin- to iReport /lib folder, and add it in the classpath : Tools > Options > iReport > Classpath > Add JAR
  • Source:

Google is your friend

(after watching a guy struggling for hours)

Me: “According to Google where is your error coming from?”

Guy: “I don’t know, I haven’t looked it up.”

I’m fully aware that I ain’t the greatest developer ever, but god, sometimes, I feel like there are a lot of so-called IT professionals who are just not worth the name.

Slow web service when using a non-standard port number

One of our configuration file contained the following variable: MYWEBSERVICE=”https://myserver/blabla”. Since we needed port 443 for another service, our old PHP website was assigned port 445, which is a non-standard port number, and the variable became SERVICE=”https://myserver:445/blabla”

The next day, we received our daily log file, and noticed that our web services lasted ten times longer than usually (300 seconds instead of 20 seconds). After comparing my tracert result with the one my contractor obtained, we tried using the IP address instead of the DNS name: SERVICE=”https://myIPaddress:445/blabla”

When I ran the script, everything was back to normal: guess the web service lost its way because of the non-standard port we used.



Tweet Replay

A French TV channel stores tweets when a hashtag matches a TV show, allowing users to jump right to the part of the video that was broadcasted when the message was tweeted.


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