It would cost $852 quadrillion dollars to build a real Death Star

“That’s 852 with 15 zeros following it. I know, that figure is insane. You know what that means. It means Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader were rolling in the money like filthy rich rappers. I guess ruling the Galactic Empire isn’t so terrible when you’re ballin’.

Finally putting some questions to rest, the smart folk over at Centives calculated how much iron it would take to build the planet-destroying space station and even figured out how long it would take to build.

Here’s the reality-check breakdown:

  •     Based on the density of a modern warship and scaled up, it would take about 1 quadrillion tons of steel to build one Death Star.
  •     The Earth’s iron supply is capable of building 2 billion Death Stars.
  •     It would take 833,315 years to produce enough steel to start work on a Death Star, meaning you’ll be long dead before you’ll ever see it anywhere near operational.

It’s a good thing Vader and Palpatine had a Clone army or else the Death Star could have taken an eternity to construct. Life’s always better with clones. Don’t you agree?”



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